Yippie one night lied in his bed sound-a-sleep.. He then dreamed................... In his dream all of this happened.

"Where am I?, I thought I was in bed!" cried Yippie. Then he noticed he was in a elevator it looked as if he was going to fight the VP! "Oh my goodness!" said Yippie in fear, "I don't want to fight the VP alone!" said Yippie in terrible fear. Once he got there the VP was Drinking some Apple Juice as his normal day goes. But then VP saw Yippie. "A toon?!?!" said VP quiestioned. "Why is he here!?" said VP, "Oh well....ATTACK!" said VP. "OMG!" said Yippie. Then the selllbots came out of VP. Yippie was VERY VERY scared. When the sellbots came out to battle Yippie used a Elephant trunk and sighed as he was anyway hopeless. He couldn't even make it on the first round. He went sad, but then he woke up and it was all a dream. So the Prince and the Princess lived happily ever after. Uh wait wrong ending!

VP FAIL Yippienightmare