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Toontown OnlineEdit

I started looking at the game in late 2006. It seemed fun, but my parents wouldnt give me membership. Therefore, I kept making accounts. Eventually in 2007, I had created my first actual toon- "Ned". He was a tall lime green duck. My parents gave me membership then. I made it up to Daisy Gardens, but I never got past Coach Z's task. I made a new toon named "Scooby." He was a short sienna dog. I completed Toontown Central, then, Donald's Dock, and then Daisy Gardens. I went to Minnie's Melodyland and looked at my options- Sound or trap. I didnt like the idea of having sound, so I chose trap. I went through Minnie's Melodyland, got to the brrrgh, and chose Sound. Afterwards, I recieved bossbot and lawbot suit part tasks. I gladly took those and did them. 

Though I got sound, I almost never used it. I only got up to aoogah, even at 114 laff. I had maxxed Sellbot at about 104 laff, and gotten to Robber Baron 36 at 109. I had only made to Bloodsucker 4 and Flunky 5, sadly.


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