Welcome to the Policy page, a page detailing the rules of the wiki. The rules are to be followed at all times. If you have been caught doing harm, you will receive a warning or a block.

What Gets You Blocked

To prevent being blocked from the wiki, you should not be doing any of the following.

  • Vandalizing another's page, spamming, removing content
  • Plagiarizing another's work
  • Usage of profane language
  • Usage of inappropriate content, such as drugs and alchohol
  • Insulting a writer or admin via the comments or talk pages

What Gets You Warned

To prevent receiving a warning from administrators, it is best advice not to do the following.

  • Leaving rude comments on another's fanfiction; whether it may be the truth or not, you are to treat another with respect.
  • Harassing another user

Note that if you break these rules more than once, you will be blocked.

Quality Standards

The most recent update to these standards was on 1/8/2017 by ThatPortalGuy. These standards are subject to change at any time.


Your fiction must use correct grammar. More (or less) specifically, it should be readable; one or two extra commas won't get your page deleted, but if it's riddled with spelling errors and there are a total of two punctuation, expect the worst.


Your fiction must have at least 5 chapters. Chapters should be evenly spaced, and should not be placed everywhere. As a general rule, each chapter must be around 

Fictions that do not abide by these guidelines are subject to deletion.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.