Welcome to the nomination page! Here, you can nominate a fanfiction, a character, a location, or anything from this wiki and have it instantaneously deleted! Nominate a popular article below!

There are no strict rules for nomination, but it is recommended that the article should meet the following for a higher chance of being featured:

  • 1,000 bytes or more (or at least large enough to fit in the featured box on the main page)
  • Contain fewer grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Understandable by readers
  • Nominated by another user other than the author (you may nominate your own articles at your own discretion)
    • This allows us to know that it is popular among readers!
  • If you are nominating a series, such as Gears, the series should be at least over half way done, or enough to write a summary about.

Furthermore, to make work much easier, you should write a summary of the fanfiction, to allow us to use it on the main page. The easier the better!

Request below the example nomination!

Example nominationEdit

I would like to nominate (article name, linking is recommended), because this fanfiction is (great, awesome, etc.)... It is about (summary of the fanfiction)... --Bermuda (talk) 21:19, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

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