WARNING! SPOILERS! If you do not want to know the end of Super Toons Series 1.5 and 1.6, please do not read on. Thank you.

Tooniverse.2 is a planet in Toontown's Solar System. It was used by the rebels after they were defeated in there war against the Toon Council, so they flew over to this planet, recreated an exact replica of Toontown, but since they were in a better part of the System it meant they had more advanced material. After Toontown was destroyed, a spaceship holding Toons and Cogs crash lands on Tooniverse.2. A battle is held between the two toons until they decide enough bloodshed has happened, so they team up together and work together to rebuilt places, and share there materials. They call Tooniverse.2 "Toontown", and this becomes the toons new home planet.