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Thorn Flandell is a Toon Cat who features in Toons in Time!


Thorn came into Toontown out of the blue, he was then catergorized as an offical Toontown citizen and ran aganist Flippy in the Toontown Election, he won and started the Time Toon project, he re - did Toon Hall up and sent Bonkers fowards in time. He also kept Sugar Doughnut as a pet, but when Bonkers came back she was realeased. When he tries to complete his plan, Bonkers, Gett and Jelly follow him to the future once more to try and stop him from completing his Time Toon Project, Gett sends him and the others back to the present, after his creations are destroyed by the Tolans, Thorn reduces them to dust, then Gett tackles him to to ground and arrests him, he is currently residing in Toon Prison.