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This page contains the Contents for "The Stolen Gags".

Welcome to Toontown - The Stolen Gags Series! This series will feature Gags being stolen by the Elite Cogs. These Cogs have been promoted for special hardwork - much like the Movers & Shakers being rewarded with Field Offices. However, this series is different to Toontown Online. Some things will function differently.

Series 1Edit

Series 1, also known as the Stolen Gags series, features the upcoming heroes of Toontown history. This Series will contain ## Episodes(Episodes to be created). Each episode will come out every 2 weeks or so.

Main CharactersEdit


  • Eve - Black Cat(Female)
  • Mars - Bright Red Dog(Male)
  • Marina - Aqua Duck(Female)
  • Skree - Royal Blue Rabbit(Male)


  • Elite Cogs
    • The Mingler
    • Downsizer
    • Penny Pincher
    • Spin Doctor
    • Micromanager
    • Mover & Shaker
  • ??? "The Unknown"
  • The Workbots

Things to NoteEdit

  • Instead of Skill Points for earning new Gags, the Toons must find the stolen Gags. Also, depending on the species of the Toon, the Toon will be given a Gag Track of their species.
    • Bunnies use Sound Gags
    • Dogs use Throw Gags
    • Ducks use Squirt Gags
    • Cats and Bears use Drop Gags
    • Mice and Pigs use Toon-Up Gags
    • Monkeys use Trap Gags
    • Horses use Lure Gags
  • Only Special Toons(like Flippy) can use various types of Gags.
  • The Workbot Cogs exist. Also, Workbot HQ is isolated in an island far from Toontown. "The Unknown" resides there. Either a ship, or the underground tunnel will lead to the island.
    • There are only 5 types of Workbots, including the boss. List in order:
      • C.O.O. - Chief Operating Officer
      • Actuary(4-12)
      • Team Player(3-11)
      • Underwriter(2-10)
      • Forecaster(1-9)
    • The Workbots are powerful Cogs.
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