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The Legend of Toontown is a fanfiction trilogy based on Disney's Toontown Online. It is written by The Evina.


Gears is the first book in the series and currently the longest Toontown fanfiction in the world with over 100,000 words in the second and third editions.

Synopsis: The cogs had invaded Toontown for fifteen years. Then one day several toons decided to go on an exciting quest to find out how they originated. Unfortunately, they encounter problems that they never would have expected. It turns out the fate of the entire world lies in their hands.


Graphite is the second book in the series and continues where the first book ended. It is over 50,000 words.

Synopsis: The time for adventure is here again. This time the changed hero faces a new and mysterious threat very far away. He must find new friends and face bizarre challenges along the way to reach his goal. In the meantime, there could be an unexpected obstacle he needs to overcome, what lives within himself.


Generations is the last book in the series and will be significantly shorter than the others when finished. This serves to wrap up the story.

Synopsis: It ended, but it's not over yet. In this final adventure the hero is now alone. Time is running out. He must travel to the most dangerous realms, confront his fears, and stop the darkness or countless worlds will be lost.


  • Originally, Gears was the only book but it was decided upon completion of the second edition to make it a trilogy.
  • The first draft of the first chapter of Gears was posted on the fansite on July 28th 2008. That thread no longer exists because of disputes regarding the site's strict G-rated policy and copyright policy.
  • Most of the toon characters in Gears are toons belonging to Toontown Central members who volunteered to be in the story.
  • The series intends to explain the origin of the cogs and the background story of the toons. This includes references to the old flash video displayed while downloading the game, and the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • The predicted final length of Generations is 25,000 words. That would bring the total of the series to over 175,000 words.


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