"The Last Stand" is a short Fanfiction created by Man for the job.

Bonkers looked around. He couldn't see anyone! Everyone had suddenly been wiped off the Toontown world............

Where had everyone gone?

"WHERE IS EVERYONE........" wondered Bonkers.

Bonkers went into Toon Hall to find Flippy. He wasn't there! Nor were the Gag Shop Clerks or anyone else in Toontown Central!

It must be the Cogs! Thought Bonkers. So he went onto the streets. NOBODY........

Then above him, the sky turned dark grey and the floor split apart. " WHA!!!!!" cried Bonkers.

Suddenly Cogs rose from the ground. All sorts, Big Cheeses, Cold Callers, Mr Hollywoods and more.

" COGS ATTACK!" commanded a Big Cheese. They started advancing towards Bonkers. Suddenly he had an idea. GAGS. Lots and lots of Gags.

"Take this Cogs!" laughed Bonkers.



"Grr......... ahhhhh........." groaned the Cogs. They collasped in a heap on the floor. Their bodies slid into the now closing cracks.

"Thats werid! At least I have defeated the Cogs." But Bonkers was wrong, more Cogs were advancing through the cracks. Bonkers was out of Gags.

"AHH!!!!" screamed Bonkers. The Cogs surrounded him and crushed him. BONKERS WAS DOWN.

Bonkers woke up. "Phew it was just a dream!" sighed a relieved Bonkers. He went back into Toontown Central. Everyone was there! Including Flippy. Bonkers happily hugged Flippy.

"What's wrong Bonkers?" asked Flippy.

"Oh nothing......." giggled Bonkers.