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The K22 robot is a robot bought by Miss Rhinopounce. But the robot malfuctioned and hit its master over the head. It is now Flippy's personal robot.

It features in:

Deck the Halls with Super Toons day! - at the end of the adventure, the robot joins Super Toons and eventually becomes Flippy's personal robot, but he checks on the gang once in a while.

Super Toons- The New Adventure.

Super Toons - The End of the Line-

Key events:

He self destructs and regenerates.

Super Toons - The Battle of 2011

Super Toons - Escape from Cog Town

Key Events - Gets locked up and finds Bonkers.

Super Toons - The Rescue!

Toons in Time

Super Toons - A Closing Invasion ( last appearence)


  • Communicate with all living lifeforms.
  • Make words appear on its chest
  • Obey all commands made by its owner.
  • Talk in a human voice as well as a robotic voice.
  • Perform household tasks.
  • Provide infomation
  • Perform tasks that Toons cannot handle.
  • Change its voice and preferences.
  • Interact through the power of mind to other K machines.
  • Check medical status of other people.

and much much more.