The Illusions is a fanfiction written by me.

Chapter 1: Lily's "Illusion"Edit

It was a sunny day in toontown and everything seemed to going like normally. Rocco and his three friends, Super Electronugget, Lily Butterfly and Penny were peacefully chatting at the picnic tables. Danger lurked minutes away.

Lily was eating a nice piece of chocolate cake, while she was eating she saw something. A mysterious black-mouse toon appeared mysteriously. It was bare naked with no clothes on it.

Lily Butterfly gasped and saw the black mouse behind Rocco (who was on the other side of the picnic table; across from her). Penny, Lily's duck sister was sitting next to her quietly, she's the youngest of the group.

"Is there something wrong, Lily?" Penny asked her sister. "I j-jjju-st--t saw a-a-a-a BLACK mouse toon appearing behind Rocco, then it disappeared!" Lily said worried, "He was naked and didn't have any clothes on!!!" Lily yelled.

Rocco was drinking some juice with a sandwich and spit his juice out of what Lily had said. "WAIT-WHAT?" Super was surprised too. Rocco and Super looked at Lily. "A naked WHAT?" Rocco asked in amusement. There was 20 seconds of odd silence.

(crickets sounds)..

Then, Penny decided to talk again.

"Why did you spit out your juice." Penny quackled at Rocco, breaking the moment of odd silence with Rocco and Super staring at her sister.

"Lily said something about being naked." Rocco said curiously. "I know! I saw a black naked mouse-toon appear behind you out of nowhere!" Lily said. Super looked behind Rocco and him. "Did you eat too much chocolate cake?", "According to my researches, too much chocolate cake can cause illusions." Super told Lily.

"Poppycock. I KNOW WHAT I SAW.", "I'm not cracking up." Lily said angrily leaving the table. "Hey, wait up!" Penny said running after her sister.

Chapter 2Edit

Lily teleported to her house. She went inside and sat down and her sister came in. "I'm so mad that they don't believe me!" Lily yelled to herself. "I know, but I don't know how a thing would just appear and go away." Penny said, "Wait, maybe it's a-a-a-a-ahuh..GHOST TOON?"

"I don't believe in that kind of stuff =_- It wasn't translucent or anything!" Lily said. "Just plain black and naked O_O." Lily then looked at herself and got on her TOON-Mac Computer and got on (the toon world equvaliant of Google) and typed:

Can too much chocolate cake cause illusions for toons?

She clicked on and it said that rumor is false or not real. "I knew it!, what kind of books does Super read?" Lily asked herself.