The End of Toontown - eXtius
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January 27, 2009


Over 200,000

Software used:

TechSmith Camtasia© (recording and editing
Adobe Photoshop© (modifying screenshots)
Audacity (editing music & sounds)

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The End of Toontown - eXitus is popular video uploaded by SteveMuller004 on Youtube. All Special Effects were programmed by MSSoft in C#.

Video DescriptionEdit

"eXitus - End of Toontown" describes the end of the once splendid city of the Toon World.

The city is destroyed in two aspects: the Toons themselves are responsible for the depravation of the town, they become arrogant and refuse to help each other. The Toon Society becomes extremely fragile and de-organized. The Cogs exploit this situation in order to give them a final clip and to take over the town. Unfortunately the amount of resistent Toons is far too small to impede the Cogs. They are not only being hunted by the Cogs, but also betrayed by their ancient fellow citizens.


Remake teottlog


A remake version of the original video will be created by joey19982 on Youtube. It will be a full length 1-hour movie. It will be created with Panda3D solfwares. It will be released in Early 2012. According to the creator - it will be released sometime around March and June. The creator is currently working on the project.

[1]A trailer was released on November 3, 2011.Edit

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