My toon

This is a story about awsomeness and pure unideal stuff that will blow your mind!

Out of the grey shrouds, where no toon has no idea how to

get there, CAME TOONS! Toons that are of low laugh and

low gags! But knowone knew what was going on in that

green,grey world for a while. But suddenly a toon popped

his head out of the grey and green space! It was Midnight

Fire. He was the master of glitch, knowone dare challenged

him to a GLITCHDOWN! But he met a toon who was bored

and did not know what to do with his little toony puney low life... And this low toon noticed Midnight Fire practicing

glitchs in Acorn Acres, "what in the world are you doing!" The toon asked. "Why I am glitching!" Said Midnight

Fire. And Midnight told him all about glitching and even showed him a few simple ones..... And finally they got to

know eachother and became best online friends! And got to know eachothers name real well! This TOONS name

is COLONEL FIREBALL THUNDERMUFFIN! He also became a good glitcher! And finally Colonel suggests: "Hey

how about we make a clan and call it Glitch Clan"! And we will be the best clan ever! And so the decloration was

made...... So after they got some members, they showed all the members about glitchs and stuff... But

Midnight and Colonel were losing members! And they got into a argument about who was leader and who was

brain... THings were pretty bad that night! Colonel just could not sleep that night! So he got up went to

Midnights house and apoligized! After things got back on there feet people were leaving by the hundreds and

betraying our clan! We had know choice but to let GLitch clan go.... That is the story how Glitch clan became

Glitch Clan!

This is a story in memory of Glitch Clan and all the members who stayed with us to the very end! Your friend Lion_blaze (Colonel Fireball Thundermuffin).

This story is based on a true excpierence!

List of members who stayedEdit

  • Me
  • Midnight Fire
  • Big Alvin Rockenroni
  • Cyber-L-Drago
  • Leafy
  • Counter
  • Tutorial Girl