This is a fanfiction created by JellyrollZillerwig.

"Ladies and Gentletoons, and Cogs, please may I have your attention. Cogs, you are destroying too many of us! I want to make an agreement. This is war, no matter what happens. So I have made a desicion, you choose to accept it. My rebels, and the Toon council, work together, to defeat the evil Cogs. What do you say?"

"Never!" A Toon from the Toon council said. Lots of other cries of no were heard.

"Very well, my Rebels will defeat both the Toon Council AND the Cogs, which means this. This world is at war. Starting from.... now!" mIllions of toons were bickering and cogs were throwing eviction notices were being thrown. The robot was nowhere to be seen though, because he was fixing the spaceship. Which meant one thing. The Cogs were up to something bad. And it was there most evil scheme yet.

Cogs attacks were flying everywhere, toons were attacking each other, it was mayhem. All Super Toons could do was watch.