Hibernation Part 1

It was a warm sunny morning in Toontown, as Jelly got out of bed. He went outside to Toontown Central, but no one was there. Not a soul. "Hmm...." Jelly wondered. He went over to the Super Toons base. Bonkers was there, asleep, so he decided not to wake him. While shutting the door quietly, Jelly said to himself - "No one is at Toontown Central, but Bonkers is here...." He checked all the districts, no one was there. He went to see Flippy, but even he wasn't there! "Where has everybody gone?" he said. "They are under my control," a voice said. "When they wake, they will destroy Super Toons. Then, under my control, I will rule Toontown!" "But what would you rule? Everyone will be under your control," Jelly replied. "Hmm.. never thought of that... but the people under my control will be ruled by me!" "But you won't really be ruling anything. Everyone will say yes to you, no one will every say no! Your world will be different. Who are you anyway?" "I am the shadow of the darkness," the voice said. "I appear everywhere. Where you least expect me to be. I am just an entity," the voice said. "Bye!" Jelly shouted. "YOU WILL STAY!" The voice announced. "No Jelly, stay here," Bonkers said, walking through the door. "Ah, your leader," the voice said. "If he is your leader, he controls you, doesn't he? Don't you want to be a free spirit?""Stop it." "But what if you could change? What if--" "I SAID STOP IT!" "Very well," the voice said, fading away, as if disappearing. "I will leave, I will go to sleep, and so shall you," the voice said quietly as Jelly and Bonkers collapsed to the ground.

To Be Continued in Super Toons Series 1.3, Hibernation Part 2!