No Time To Lose

Jellyroll Zillerwig woke up. Another day of madness. That was how SUper Toons worked. Defeating mad guys and bad guys. But that hadn't happened for a while. It had been three months since the Return to CogTown. Time was ticking. Jelly couldn't be late for the next meeting. He got out of bed, put his clothes on, and ran out the house. He was suddenly whispered by his friend, Rusty Thunderzap, because he needed help in battle. 40 minutes until the meeting started. "Hmm.... I have enough time," he said to himself and went to Rusty. When he got there, he noticed he had no gags, nor Jellybeans, and they were fighting 4 Mr. Hollywoods. "Ill be right back Rusty," he said. "Stay here."

36 minutes. Now 35. He had to hurry. He went on the trolley, but it was Photo Fun, he was rubbish at that, And only earned 2 Jellybeans. "Great," he muttered to himself. Before getting back on the Trolley, he looked at his watch. 29. He then played the Cannon Game, he was great at that, got the Jellybeans, and went to Rusty. He had fought off a couple of the Hollywoods. They used there gags and defeated the Cogs. Just after finishing his Victory Dance, Jelly bumped into another Hollywood! He sighed as he fought it. 3 more of them came! He looked at his watch. 19 minutes. "I should run," he said. "I don't have enough time." "No, don't," Rusty replied, "I nneed you. And you get LOADS of Skill credit for this." "I suppose so." In the end they fought 16 Hollywoods, and Jelly got the Whole Cream Pie gag. He noticed there was a Field Office, he hadn't done one before, and he was tempted to do it. 14 minutes to go. He decided he and Rusty would do it. When they finished, Jelly looked at his watch. 59 seconds to go. "Uh oh," Jelly said. "I've got to go. Bye!" "Oh, bye," Rusty replied.

10 seconds. He ran into the base, sat down ready for the meeting, and Bonkers, a rabbit and the leadeer of Super Toons, said "Oh hi Jelly. Didn't you get my mail? I sent you some." Jelly checked his mail, and a message from Bonkers read:

Hey Jelly,

A few of the members couldn't come to the meeting. So I decided instead of just me, you and Suga at the meeting, I would postpone it until next week.

From Bonkers :)