It will be one of the most scariest stories yet. Read it now! Super Toons - The End of Time!

Extract: The creature arose, standing ten feet tall. It let out a defeaning screech, and opened its mouth. It had about a million teeth, saliva drooling from its jaws. It looked like a bug. It had six legs, 2 red eyes, and a nose which could smell from miles away. Is ears were a hundred times louder and clearer then Toons. It raised a claw, and lashed out at the Gang.

These are the characters it will include:

The Grolgoth Edit

The Grolgoth is a shapeshifter. It can morph into ANYTHING. It mimics Yippie Crinklepretzel in Super Toons: To the future! He also eats Toons, and drinks Cog Oil. It could Destroy Toontown in a day. He could possibly appear in some more Fanfictions.


Korton is the robot which appears in Super Toons: To the future! where the Toon Hall should be. Little is known about it, but what everyone knows is its DEADLY.


We should all know who Bugsan-2 is shouldn't we? If you don't (shame on you!) see this: Bugsan-2

The ChairmanEdit

The Mysterious Chairman will return in this episode. He is the master of all Cogs; he created them. Invasions will take place, ordered by the Chairman.

Yippie CrinklepretzelEdit

Yippie Crinklepretzel is a real toon, created by ToontasticToon212. For more information, please see Yippie Crinklepretzel.

Mystery ToonEdit

The Mystery Toon, covered in the shadows, will be unknown throughout the story. He may help Super Toons, then again, he might become against them.

Super ToonsEdit

Do I have to tell you who they are?

The story will be finished by 10 of January 2011!