Sir Skids Nickelton




Sir Skids Nickelton Has Organic Trap, Sitting Pretty At Level 5, The Trapdoor. The Damage Is Not Maxed Though. He Got Trap In Minnie's Melodyland, And Planted It Immediately.


Sir Skids Nickelton's Lure Is At Level 5, The Ten Dollar Bill. He Prefers The Use Of The Big Magnet, Though. Nickelton Got Lure In Donalds Dock


Skids Has Maxed Sound, The Ear-Splitting Level Seven Opera Voice. It Was The Second Gag He Maxed, Behind Throw. He Got Sound In Toontown Central


One Of The First Two Gag Tracks You Start With Nickelton Has It Maxed, And Uses The Wedding Cake Only When Needed, Or Against Flunkies In Toontown Central, Nickelton Maxed Throw Before Squirt (Which Isn't Even Maxed Yet)


Squirt Is The Other Gag Track You Obtain At The Start Of The Game. Despite Only Having It At Level Four, He Doesn't Use It That Much. Its His Second Last Most Used Gag, Behind Drop.


Sir Skids Nickelton Obtained Drop In The Brrrgh, And Has It At Level Four, The Big Weight, Also Known As The 1 Ton. It Is The Gag He Uses The Least.


Thank You JellyrollZillerwig For Uploading The Template With My Name. All Gags Was Done By Sir Skids Nickelton, For The Sir Skids Nickelton Page. Same As These Credits.

Sir Skids Nickelton is a member of Super Toons, Author and character in the Super Toon Chronicles Series, and a real toon (A Toon used on Toontown). He is epic. He has been replaced in real Toontown by Sir Skids Nickel-Slick.