Are you toon enough to make a Toon?

So you wanna know the life of a Toon,

Its better than a goon

They are created by some random guy

who hasn't bought his neck tie

The Toon IQ varies

but should be smarter than berries!

The Toon will have a lot of Cog fights

but noticing his shorts are too tight

he goes to the clerk to get it fixed

only to see the clerk is six

the clerk fixes the Toon's tights

and decides to go fight more fights.

The Toon with seven others decides to fight Cog bosses

But to see the CEO who tosses

random thimgs at the toons neck

but it reminded him of his Great Aunt Beck

The CEO,VP,CJ, and CFO start crying

so the Toon says stop your crying

but they kept doing it

because they had a bit

from that horse that was called King Fritz

finally they exploded

and the Toon said eh I have no ryhme that

So he went home

And thats the life of a Toon Yeah I know that doesn't ryhme but I am the author. By Sonic767