Jellyroll the Cat is a enemy of Bonkers. He has known him for a long time, but before he went out to get Bonkers, he started off differently.

"Finished!" said Jellyroll.

"Excellent! Now have you got this weeks target?" asked Jellyroll's boss.

"Yes sir! I will send it to Flippy right away!"

"Well done! After this your on break!"

"Yeah!" smiled Jellyroll.


"Its...... its Bonkers! Hey Bonkers over here!" he waved. Bonkers waved and he ran off.

"I wonder why he ignored me........." wondered Jelly.


"Bonkers! Yeah we looooooove you!!!!!!!!!!" shouted a croud of Toons.

"Wow, Bonkers sure is popular, I wish I could be popular once in a while......." sighed Jellyroll the cat.


"Ok, im back boss!" called Jelly.

"Excellent! Hey, you seem sad? Everything ok?" asked the boss.

"Yeah.......... its just, Bonkers is so popular and I am just a loner....... I mean I did good in Toon School and I am working here."

"Hey don't get yourself down! Your the best accountant I know!"

"Thanks, but I think I am still a stupid guy."

Later after Jellyroll's shift, he went over to Toon Hall, it was getting dark so he couldn't see much, but the lamps lit up his darkened view. Suddenly he noticed Bonkers nearby, he waved and ran off.

"Huh? Im gonna go follow him." So Jellyroll followed Bonkers onto Punchline Place.

"Ha ha ha! Bonkers, your so funny!" laughed Sugar.

"He, he. Im not that funny!" said Bonkers.

"Why does he always...... wait where is he going?" wondered Jellyroll.

"So where are we going?" asked Sugar.

"Follow me." said Bonkers.

Jellyroll followed Bonkers and Sugar, they went over to the fishing pond and they fished for a while. Jelly had decided to go home, he couldn't bare it anymore.

"RIGHT IM FED UP!" shouted Jelly in anger.

The Next Day........

"Morning Jelly!" said Jelly's boss cheerfully.

"GRR!" growled Jellyroll, he threw his boss onto his office wall. He was knocked out.

Jelly went on a rampage, he ruined the Gag shop, trashed Flippy's desk and did alot more. "MUST GET BONKERS!" he growled.

"Hey Jellyroll! What's up?" asked a Toon.

"GRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" growled Jellyroll. You can guess what happened next, Jellyroll then decided to stop for the day, he looked at his reflection in some nearby water, he looked into his eyes and he saw terror, destruction and fear. He liked it and he embraced it. Night came and Jellyroll wasn't any better, he had begun his life of terror but it was only just begining.