I've bean fine is a comedy fanfiction by ToontasticToon212. This fanfiction mainly progresses about a Bean Counter on his Cog Vacation Get-Away.


A Level 5 Bean Counter is roaming in Minnie's Melodyland. He thinks to himself and stops walking.

  • Bean Counter: I am that rare and awesome thing.
  • 'I'm every inch a Cog can be. Yet I feel a twinge of doubt.

As I go walk about. I love to defeat toons, but I need a vacation no I don't! I need to do my work to get a promotion! No!

  • I don't! Ahhh!
  • I am perfectly fine!
  • I'm revered!
  • I am reviled!'
  • I'm idolized!
  • I am despised!
  • I'm keeping calm?
  • I'm going wild!
  • I tell myself I'm fine.
  • Yes I am, no you're not Yes I am, no you're not I tell myself I'm fine No you're not, yes I am, no you're not Yes I am No you're not Yes, no, yes, no, who am I talking to...? Oh dang I really need a vacation...

The nervous cog goes to CogNation and goes on a plane and goes on a vacation to CogoPorto and puts on his sunglasses and some coglosion and takes a vacation off. Although, it rains which wasn't planned and Mr. Counter while he's sleeping and he gets rusted forever under that palm tree and his skelecog is still there today. 

Cogs who go to CogoPorto rumor his ghost still haunts the beach of CogoPorto looking for another hardrive to eat in revenge of the rain. And that's why Bean Counters hate beaches. What? What did I just say? That's one weird fanfiction, I made. O_O