Bugsan-2 is the recreation of Bugsan. He first features in the story, Super Toons - To the Future!


Creation and SurvivalEdit

After the destruction of Bugsan, the Cogs wanted another Bugsan. He had inproved machinery and weapons, and was ready for action. He had a briefcase - with a laser gun inside. The Cogs ensured that Bugsan-2 would not fail his mission, by putting a shield around him. After the departure of Super Toons, Toontown was not safe. They would not re-enter Toontown until 7026. An order was issued. Bgsan-2 was on a hunt. Slowly, year by year, Toontown was controlled by cogs. The only way Toontown could be restored is by going back in time and defeating Bugsan-2 and preventing it from ever happening. But can Super Toons do it? In the end, it turned out to be a dream - but it wasn't the end of Bugsan-2......

After the real destruction of Bugsan, his Data Chip was restored and placed in a new suit. It had advanced weaponry, and he was in the cell of the death zone, so any toon that fell to it would be killed instantly. Bonkers and Jelly arrive - but what will happen...?