Bonkers 2010
Creator: Man for the job
Full Name: Bonkers
Nickname: Bonnie, Bon
Fanfictions Featurings: 22
Story Information
Debut: The Last Stand
Hometown: Toontown
Allies: Super Toons, Flippy, K22, The Great One and the Toons.
Rivals: None (yet)
Enemies: Tolans, Noohi, Thorn Flandell, Bugsan, Jellyroll the cat, Time Toons, The Dark One and the Cogs
Clans: Super Toons, Leaf Clan.
Bonkers is an actual Toon created by Man for the job.

He is a bunny with 106 laff points and chat. His online girlfriend is called Suga Doughnut. He is the leader of the Super Toons clan, and they feature in some fanfictions along with Bonkers. In the early Fanfictions, he was very timid, but he has grown to understand the dangers of the world. He has featured in a alot fanfictions including: