This is a fanfiction story written by Man for the job.

A Cogs life is rather dull!

After they get made they go to the CEO to be approved. Then they go to the CJ to get taught the laws of the Cogs. After that they go the CFO to be taught how to steal.

Then they go onto the streets to terrorize the poor Toons. If they succeed in their mission then they put their feet up in their Cog home and then get told to bury their face in paperwork. They then wake up and watch a bit of Cog TV, then they have to do paperwork.

After along night the Cog goes out on duty, then if a Toon comes and WHAM! The Cog dies...........................

Then the Cog explodes and its spirit gets sent to the Cog factory to be brought back to life and then the whole thing repeats again.